My name is Peter Murphy, and this is my website.

I am a husband. I am a father. I am a teacher and trainer (both ESL and IT). I am many other things. I am even a bass guitarist. But for the purpose of this website, I am also very much a website developer.

For more detail (including contact details), check my About page. My resume is available on request.

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Because every site needs an "About" page.

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Writing and rants. Updated whenever.

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Some applications I created over the years.

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  • Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy @peterkmurphy

    @JonPiccini What was not totalitarian about Khmer Rouge Kampuchea? (They made reunification-era Việt Nam next door… https://t.co/kQcjSTcBEa
    2 days, 3 hours ago

  • Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy @peterkmurphy

    @timdunlop Does "Nobody Left Behind" support wage subsidies as well (along the lines of the UK, NZ and Canada)?
    2 days, 11 hours ago

  • pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”

    pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets” @pixelatedboat

    Peter Murphy

    This would be a really good time for America to have a president who had object permanence
    3 days, 8 hours ago