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YouTube – online video competence and flawed social software

There have been changes to YouTube since I wrote this. Commenters now have icons next to their name, giving them some investment in their handles. Pagination is gone. But the signal to noise ratio, while improved somewhat, remains low.

Facebook Feed Fail

Note: this was the second blog post for this subject. The date was changed to make it into the master feed for the subject. All Facebook names have been smudged out to protect the guilty.

On The Social Media Aspects Of Blogging

Note: this was the first blog post written for DECO7350, but the date was changed to make it into the master feed for the subject. The link "This is DECO7350!" originally referred to the URL "". That website has been taken down, and its blog posts have been gathered here.

Kicking out the JAMMs for 2012

The DECO7350 tutorial on the 13th of August was a group discussion on a single article: Flexible collaboration transparency: supporting worker independence in replicated application-sharing systems. The paper concerned itself with the design and analysis of the collaboration transparency system Flexible JAMM (Java Applets Made Multiuser). I thought it would be good to investigate the software, and put it through its paces. Alas, the last iteration of the software and its website (with its badly anti-aliased pictures) was 1998. This makes it to the web what the pre-Cambrian era is to geology, and I did not feel comfortable working through the build instructions, dealing with primeval versions of the Java API as they did. Since I wanted to get my collaborative awareness on as easily as possible, I reckoned it would be best to look up alternatives to Flexible JAMM.